Helvetica Reflection Article

A typeface helps create an understanding or clarity on how your work is perceived. In most cases, the name of the font used helps create a feeling towards the object or product to the viewer.

For example: Helvetica creates a feeling of order and clarity for me, while comic sans on the other gives a “fun” or a “silly” look. And for that reason, every teacher and most designers hate comic sans. To be honest I don’t think it’s that bad but it should be only used with certain products.

An example of a typeface that created a mood for me is The Baskin Robbins logo. It gives a playful happy feeling, unlike classic fonts like Helvetica.

images (1)

I mostly use Calibri (Body), because it is easy to read and looks clear. I would usually use it for assignments or if I wanted something printed to read from, I would probably use it for online articles because I like how it is easy on the eyes.

The type designer of Calibri is Lucas De groot. A Dutch type designer who is the head of the type foundry, Fontafabrik, also known as Lucas fonts.

He has contributed to typography by designing numerous popular typefaces, the best known ones are his superfamily Thesis: TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix, The Antiqua, with monospaced and Arabic variants, he has also developed two famous font families for Microsoft; Consolas, and Calibri, the default typeface in Microsoft word.

Lucas’s ambitions are to make the world a better place by designing typefaces that look pleasant to the viewer, and work well under any situation and in as many languages as possible.

Calibri has won an award from the Type Directors Club under the Type System category.

The movie has made me realize how important choosing a type of font is for designs and print ads. And how each type of font gives you a certain feeling regarding the design of it which is why we have to be careful about picking the right typeface for any design created.



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