InDesign 3 Ads Homework



3 ADS assignment23 ADS assignment33 ADS assignment

For my 3 ads assignment, I was juggling through a lot of ideas I had for things I am interested in until I finally chose the three categories I want to make an ad about.

For my first ad design, I created a poster about women’s day. I created a simple structure where I placed an image of a woman in top corner of the paper, and added butterflies splatter to the edges of the paper, I used text wrap to make the content wrap around the image. And placed the header on the top left along the aligned guide with the photo. All of these elements are created on a grid which helped me align them together all perfectly.

For my 2nd ad, I made an event poster for a gaming event, anyone who knows me knows that I 🖤 arcades. I added the pacman images and elements on the top and placed the content on bottom, I used gaming fonts to make the ad look more interesting and relatable to the content.

For my 3rd ad, I made it about my favorite nbc show “the office”, the ad consists of an animation of the characters with the header on the top, and a description content of the show aligned with the image above.


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