What good design means to me

A good design to me is a clear visual of a product, a message or service. It creates beauty and functionality. A design that doesn’t match what it is trying to communicate can affect the result in a negative way.

I like simplicity, being straight to the point when delevirng a message, like the industrial designer Dieter Rams’s has advised “less, but better”.

Focusing and fulfilling the purpose of a design is what makes it attractive and long lasting, using a good design for important objectives can make it lasting for years and years.

From what I learned so far (those past two weeks) I realised that space and less text on the design is one of the things that makes a design appealing. Also, we have to be careful with choosing a typeface. It has to look good with the content and somewhat relatable.

Throughout my teenager years, I have always had an interest in going to art galeries and seeing all the beautifully created paintings and designs. It was so interesting to me, people used to tell me that I’m good with creative ideas and drawing. But I didn’t get the chance to experience studying it at university which for some reason made me even want to learn it and pursue it more and more.

During my internship one day, the graphic designer was absent and they asked if anyone wants to volunteer on doing invitation flyers to clients, and I obviously took the chance, while working on it it only inspired me and made me feel that this is what I should be doing as a career and that this is one of the things that I enjoy most in life! So here I am making a dream come true.


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