Event Poster

This event is directed towards kids from age (13 -19), for those who are looking to train and explore their talents.

My initial idea for the background was to have multi colors or a colorful background but after some research and looking at event posters i found that having one vibrant, outstanding color makes a poster more attractive.

For picking out the background (color), I looked up through the adobe kuler website and typed in “youth“, the watermelon – red-ish color #ff5468 stood out the most to me.

For the illustrations part, I chose victor images of the specifications of this event, and made the theatre one stand out the most because theatre is the main theme or highlight hosted by The Toronto Fringe events, and added the rest of the activities in smaller sizes.

I added shadow to my title add more focus to it, and also because it overlaps with the images.



The images and the title are the main attention grabber of the poster. Teenagers want to be included in anything that include teens, festivals or entertainment, so placing the images in the middle and making the title stand out is what will attract the audience (teens).


I used two fonts for this event, but for most the most of it I used one, Copperplate Gothic BoldThis sans-serif typeface is available in capital only, which is great for event posters because of its simplicity and lack of serifs, I contrasted it with a scrpit font Pristina.

Sketching stages:



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