TRESemmé Fresh Start Collection (Dry Shampoo)

Campaign 3 Ad campaign proposal


TRESemme is a luxuries hair product company, supported by a strong parent brand (unilever,) it is affordable and dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the big salon price, and has exclusive products for different types of hair.

Dry shampoo: The Dry shampoo is a product I found out about recently, and it quickly became one of the most frequent products that I personally use from this company. I have introduced it to my sister and friends as well. It has a great smell and is better than any other dry shampoos I have tried.

Sometimes you may not have time to take a shower everyday, or you may get an unexpected invite to a hangout and you need a quick fix for your hair, the TRESemme dry shampoo is perfect for making your hair look fresh and full of body and movement.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Fresh start; offering affordable salon products for all kinds of different hair. The company provides different formulas for all kinds of hair, infused with vitamins B12 and keratin.

Target Market: Young women aged 16 to 40, these women will generally be interested in beauty products related to their hair and skin.

AD description and theme: The style of the campaign will be fun and humorous. In each magazine page, there will be a different tagline, describing what happens once you use this product. It’s about a woman who goes from having oily hair and an oily scalp to fresh and nicely scented hair.

Magazine choice: The magazine I chose for this ad campaign is Glamour Magazine, it’s one of the biggest fashion and beauty magazine brands. The magazine’s audience are 91% female, aged 18 to 49.

Goals: To raise awareness and attraction to this new hair product, targeted at teenage girls and young women.

Typography: At first, I was looking for a funky, script kind of typeface, and then I saw that having a serifed, classic font would make the ad look more professional, I used Californian FB regular for all the headers (taglines.)

Why I think this Ad would be attractive/ successful?

Every woman goes through a bad hair day, and a lot of them suffer from an oily scalp. I think this ad would be attractive because it delivers the idea straight across about the goal of this product for young women. My sketches started out having a lot of text of different pictures with different stories, these sketches demonstrated sad women going through a bad hair day. The below figure shows examples from my early handmade sketches:

My design later evolved to a continuous story: a woman that goes from a having an oily hair day into a fresh clean hair day, this is demonstrated in the next page.

AD 1: Photoshopped oil onto her scalp and added a vector of a man surfing to emphasize how oily her hair is. Added a tagline on the side to tell the story of the first page.

AD 2: The product is sprayed onto parts of her head, which gives it an instant feel of freshness and cleanliness, I also used the same layout where I added a different headline.

AD 3: The process of using the product is complete, and a flowery smell and freshness is now covering her entire hair




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