corporate identity project




business card PDF_3_png


Description and goals of product 

My goal of this design was to give the message that Movado is an old style decoration (hence the old style scissors) and a luxurious hair salon, which is why I started with these kind of logo designs that consisted with a lot of boutique decorations to emphasize the old style theme of it.

But my client (classmates) convinced me that less is better, like the 4th design. Keeping the script font with an illustration of the old style scissors around the first letter conveys the message while keeping it simple and classy.

Colors I chose:

Purple and light brown.
color scheme

Skills I learned:

  • Creating a logo with Illustrator
  • Correctly using image trace
  • cropping or clipping mask an object properly
  • using color schemes that complement one another
  • converting to pantone colors
  • creating mockups

What I would like to improve:

  • Practicing the whole printing process and converting to different kinds of colors, it all seems kind of complicated with a lot of steps to follow but I am sure with a couple of times practicing I will get the hang of it.
  • I would also like to experience contacting business card print companies that provide these cool looking cards so I can use them for future reference and know how to send an order form to them.
  • practicing with pen tool more to make designs appear cleaner

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