Composite 2- CD package and web




web mockup







Composite two folder with CDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

For our composite two, we are creating a CD package for any band or artist we choose, including a booklet and a website of that band (which is the difficult part that i have yet to start working on.)

I chose Radiohead, a rock Alternative music band, Alternative rock music means independent, as in unique with their own different kind of styles. This genre was popular in the late 80’s and 90’s like oasis and Soundgarden that a lot of older adults like, however the more current brands such as Radiohead has their own target audience which is teenagers and young adults as it is different from normal rock music and their music appeal more to a youthful audience.

Design strategy: I will be using an image of a dark hallway with a cloudy sky to represent the calmness and darkness like their music, with a hint of green trees in the background.

This image will be used in the website as its background feature on top of the page, to maintain the consistency, I will use the same image to span across the back side of the CD box but the front side will be the part of the clouds with their logo placed in the middle.

The website will be a one page scroller with fixed backgrounds, it is divided into 5 sections, home, latest music, biography, albums, connect.

The first section is the image of the dark hallway featured in the background, the nav and sections are all in the same light green color to maintain the consistency with the green trees in the main featured image.

Under the first section I placed a flexslider with images of their concert, then added a green filter effect to each image to match the theme of the rest of the website.

Second section I imbedded their latest song as an mp3 and an mp4 that just came out a few days ago on Jun 2, 2017 with a fixed background image of the band.

Third is Biography, fourth is a list of all their albums ranked in order with a background images of their album covers.

And the last section will be connect (through twitter and Instagram). The website has a touch friendly navigation with smooth scrolling.

Booklet: I made the booklet colors in gray, to match the grayness of the dark clouds from the main image. Front cover has an image of the band with the logo in green to maintain the continuity of green color across the website and the green trees, and from the inside, I recreated one of their booklet designs in which the lyrics are placed in blocks of texts in different fonts and different size, those lyrics are for their newest song that just came out, “I Promise”.

Colours • Light and dark green • Grey • black

My packaging and website should be chosen for this band because it is user friendly and easy to understand which is a great factor for the teenagers and youth, and it has their important information as in their latest song, albums and ways to connect.

What I learned:

  • website wise: how to add a favicon
  • how to embed an audio file as an mp3 and an mp4

design wise:

  • my color scheme choosing has gotten better

what i want to improve:

  • practice more on making a website responsive
  • print-wise: I would like to practice more on the cutting and printing aspect of any project, there always seems to be a step i missed with the whole printing process but i am sure i will get the hang of it soon



To view my website, click here: RadioHead





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